This Is PsychicLimestar

PsychicLimestar is a personal concept, one of the most unkown ethical hackers and cyberpunk rockstars born in Sweden in 1981.

PsychicLimestar has always felt as a noob, slacker and an outsider and is not in any way recognized or directly connected to the so called “Scene” with all it´s heroes, and myths.

PsychicLimestar has never been a part of any demogroup known to public or had any performed or tracked music registered at or similar sites or registers.
All early contributions were of poor quality. What remains today of the last of the FastTracker2 material from PL is stored on four MiniDisks, in fact pretty good tunes.

The thing with this individiual is that there is seldom code involved written by PL, neither any form of criminal action such as cracking or phreaking and other drarker activities making black money or washing money.
PsychicLimestar acts according to the Law, yet he gets pretty much done every single day only by letting out whatever comes to PLs mind for the moment to the right people with the right skills and connections.

In the early days PsychicLimestar operated a Commodore VIC 20 and later on Also Commodore 64 and Commodore Amiga 500. Programming flying birds and color changing rainbows was easier to PL than learning handwriting.

Building robots seemed more fair than sewing a bag to carry extra clothes, shoes and a towel to the gymnastics lessons. Too bad, or pure luck that this kid did not have access to any powersource that could have set these constructions loose.

Have in mind PsychicLimestar was typing on writing machines and VIC 20 since an age of somewhat four or five and pencils or crayons was not interesting to this individual at all who nearly had not seen a regualar lined paper or glue before starting pre-school at an age of six .
Yet before beeing able to tie shoes the code to create a selftest on multiplication in BASIC on VIC 20 was forever burned into the memory of PL. Pretty soon PC was introduced to PsychicLimestar and the first experience of the x86 architecture was an introduction to some orange and black screen IMB PC and a game where you were suposed to rescue children jumping from a building set on fire.

The screen was more interesteing than the interaction with other kidz.

Mother of PL used the programming book for VIC 20 to write a simple music program so that you could play notes directly typing the keyboard. Prett much like common in some very well knwon so called tracking promgrams mentioned a few lines down.

When PsychicLimestar first started making music on PC it was composed in the ultimate tracker called FastTracker II written by Fredrik “Mr. H” Huss and Magnus “Vogue” Högdahl, two members of the demogroup Triton (who later founded Starbreeze Studios).

FastTracker II

The Amiga 500 was a new world

A couple of cousines and a third cousine had these magical computers and they were both coding and creating music. Some moments PL had a chance to put his hands and try out the gear, but only for some rare hours during vizzits to the earlier mentioned relatives.

One of the first Amiga games PsychicLimestar heard music from and saw graphics during the intro was “It came from the dessert”.

After the almost dreamlike experience, the hunt began. Graphics and sound was to be what drove PsychicLimestar into using computers and becoming the creative superstar PL is today. It´s not about lines of code or being famous, it is all about making an impact of the history and the world we live in. Making society a better place.

This is piece that PsychicLimestar masters. Evereywhere PL sees an oportunity to improve a function of any kind, not only code or computer related, PL describes what the situation is like at that particular moment, what the problem is, and how it should be solved in the easiest way to the lowest cost and with the best outcome for everyone involved.

Never ever this individual demands a price or cost related to the solution solved by PL in an act of free will. This often results in very satisfied company owners and programmers that sends a gift, offers a special deal on gear, games, tickets or food or something else that fits and is connected to the solution.

Another hobby of PsychicLimestar is the creating of entrepeneural concepts. PL can pop an idea inspired from as something as little as the light from the sun passing a branch of leaves wich make shadows shifting through the windows and then call a business development department at a big concern and tell them what cam to mind an then the wheel is spinning.

Often these days you dont have to call anyone. A couple of search commands on google and the idea seems to get picked up and from not beeing seen anywhere at all before, in a couple of weeks or sometimes even as short as days products and services in the same category as the original thought concept starts showing up.

Also – Eternally thankfull for knowing the individuals behind the nicknames Carter, Lakanman, Scorpo, Dect, Twilek and a whole bunch of other brilliant minds. You know who you are, all of you even if not mentioned here. Yong as old, now you´ve been told! Also, never forget Sockna Cyber and the pretty altarnative party called Legobeat.

Special Thanks to

Maestro – Reine Ericsson, Who opened the door to real vocal performance

Ulf Liwell – Music Teacher 1995-1997

R.I.P “Pippla” – Music Teacher 1991-1994

Ronny, Lasse, Birgitta, Annelie – And the others at Eken 1998

Man Choire Atvidaberg

Agneta Ekström – Åtvidaberg

The Leader of Earth Hour in Mjolby 2020

Mats Ålund and Conspirito

Kjell S., Peter E. Sara – Juniorerna

Anne-Marie & Rolf – For the book on robots and the great way you took care of us.

Centralskolan, Alléskolan, Anders Ljungstedts, Facetten – You saved me in so many ways

AMS – Forsakringskassan – Region Ostergotland – Psykiatripartners – Mjolby kommun

Fritidsgården Lyktan (Rickard, Claes, “Bettan” Edlund)

Pontus at summercamp Villan for letting me play my first electric guitar on a rainy day!

Your Cold Dead Hands


Information & Layout – Bildningscentrum Facetten 2001

Iftac – Maggan for 2011-2012

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