This is PsychicLimestar

Music produced and released so far with power from…

… is in the style of electronic experimentals close to Badelt, S.P.O.C.K. , Poppy and Marilyn Manson with great influence from Kraftwerk and Depeche Mode.

The upcoming album in the concept of PsychicLimestar is ment to be a project for live performance in a brighter future with full band setup and will move the sound image even further into the cyberpunk rock and closer to the idustrial domain.


Nine Audio Traxx (2010)
Showtime (2011)
Stay Kalm (2014)


Blip / Live1 (2011)
Fifty Shades of Love / Lost in Toky (2015)

Available releases for digital listening

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Demos on Soundcloud Stefan Kalm
Demos on Soundcloud Team Jestic

A little bit of this – A little bit of that

I started to talk and read early. I learned how the society works. I learned how things are suposed to be done and to separate right from wrong. But when people do wrong all the time why must I do the right thing? I don´t know. I just want to.

For some time in my childhood I said very bad things to my surrounding classmates instead of using my fists. I could be cruel and selfish and it hurt myself too, I felt how sad they became and I felt it coming upon myself too. I was mean to myself for a few years and I didn´t eat and didn´t sleep. I was 17 when it had to stop. What my parents did changed everything. They did it for well and today I am gratefull. I went through treatment that made me loose all my memory and had to rebuild it from scratch and gather information and dig deep in my mind to get till it all toghether again.

But things could have been done a little more smooth if they had seen me for who I really am. Lets for the moment leave it. I just, say, a little different. I live for the moment, music and experience of emotions of the eternal flow of energy and express myself through music. lyrics, pictures and text. I also invent concepts of all kinds for any situation in a service that needs some invention to come to better use for the large scale of users.

I used to live in a shell, in the shadows.

Today is another story.
I made it. I survived.
I love life!

Most of all I love my sisters, their kidz and my parents and the rest of my friends and family.

On Memory – The Key to Life And Learning (In Swedish)

Best regards
Stefan Kalm
Creator of PsychicLimestar



I started out with a Yamaha RGX 312, bought a Fender Mexico Straocaster and a VOX amp. I sold the gear to go to festivals and later on I bougt a Court guitar and a Fender stage amp. Then again I sold to listen to my Idols on stage, and bougt an Aria PRO 2 Cardinal Series guitar to have something to practice on. Been playing since I was 14. Im born in 1981. Thanks to Ronny, Lasse and Birgitta and the others at Eken who told me to play guitar and sing because I looked like a natural rockstar.


Raised in a small town in the south of Sweden I learned to sing in preschool. Later on I joined a theatre group and we sang every time we met. At first I was unsure if it was my thing, but as things started to work out I got used to my own voice and learnd to master it during the years in some choires. This year I almost past away and got into hospital for abut the 5th time and had some really nice time to practice my vocal skills and figure out ways to deliver text in my own style. I also managed to get my Fender in there somehow.


I god a microkeyboard not bigger then a smartphone is today wen I was 6. Since then I´ve been playing everything with keys that leaves a tone after touch. I spent month in hospital playing classic piano, and then when I got better I got a Kawai K4 wich I also bought the DAW Fruityloops studios 8 Producer XXL wich today has reached version 20 and above. I will get my brand new Nord Wave 2 in a few days for a change and update to modern sound and interface.


I was a special kid so to say with extraordinary imagination. My mother used to belive there were a bunch of kidz in my room playing, but there was only me making up differnt stories with characters wich I gave a voice of their own for each and every one of them. Like making your own puppet show with a neverending adventure. When I got to school I could not write very well because I had learnd from start to write on a computer VIC 20 and found it hard to write with a pencil on paper. When I finally managed to write my teachers acused me for cheating because “no kid can write like that”. But I could, and I kept writing. I won prices for our class and I wrote a whole lot of poetry back in the days but that was before I learned to sing my own words. Joakim Berg in Kent showed me with his vocal and very playful way to use words and scenteses to build an image and songs that almost felt like watching movies in your own head how it should be done. Then I took inspiration ffrom Iron Maiden, Nirvana, DIO, Queen and Ramones to build my own pattern of crispy deliverence of vocal material. I also wrote for a small comersial paper for a few months back in 2005. Thans to Åsa, Cissi and Mats at Klippet.

What do i do?

The thing isn´t what people belive that you cannot accomplish.

It´s about what you have done so far and know you will be able to do in the future.

Let it just take some time.
It will be fine!

Concept & art

The art of building a brand and trademark of any kind.
I use the Adobe Creative Cloud for graphic design and editing, and also Instagram and Snapseed tools.

And I now how to set up a movie production with a script, schedule for cuts and how to mix the music and put on sound effects and edit underlines.

Graphic design

A well designed logotype and trademark symbol can take you anywher you want to. Let it take some time! Create a sign that means something special to you, that has a connection to your soul and your pourpouse.

Digital soundscapes

An artist or a band must have something extraordinary to the expression in vocals or tone of instruments and lyrics.

I use Fruityloops 20 All bundels for music, and I own the Omnisphere VST syntheziser and a Nordwave 2 hardware keyboard/syntheziser.

I also play a Fender Strat 2020. It´s i the color Frozen Yellow.

Vison & change

The world will never be the same but our love for music & art remains.
Take care, be nice!